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You're probably not reading this stuff. Heuristics show hardly anybody does. (Just show me some prices) However, If you've arrived at this page it's probably because you either need a new website or possibly help with an older one. Look no further, (well go ahead if you want), but life is short and you've already found what you’re looking for.

With great prices and outstanding support FIT Web Design is your ally on the web. From Wordpress to original custom sites, to hosting and everything in between. Serving local businesses in Grand Rapids MN, Deer River, and Itasca County.

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Website Design - Wordpress Customization - Ecommerce and Portfolio Sites

Small Business Starter Site

small business websites, marketing, advertising

Your Online Business Solution!


Three Page business site. Home, Contact, Services, Gallery, Video Player, Social Media feeds, and more! Promote your business online for less.

Ecommerce Website

ecommerce websites, sell online, commerce, business, products

Got Stuff to Sell? Sell more of it Online!


Fully branded Ecart for your online or local business. Customer login, Product Management, & much more!

Custom Blogging Website

custom wordpress site, blogging, content

Get an awesome looking template for your blog!


Custom Blog, News, or Personal Website made to your specifications. You work hard creating awesome content. Now, get an awesome looking blog to match!

Gallery Site

photo gallery, online gallery, gallery website, portfolio

If you've got it baby, flaunt it!


Great portfolio site for photography or art. Showcase your talent to the world with a gallery you can manage yourself.

Consultation and Help

website consultation, help, consultation services, grand rapids mn

I know how to do that!


Already have a website and can't get something working right? Betcha $30 bucks I know how to fix it.

Lose Us On Facebook!

All right... So I do have a Facebook page. Can't say I spend too much time on there but you're welcome to check it out. I get the feeling my clients would rather I continue plying my trade as opposed to messing around on some social network that spies on us and sells our data to marketers. But whatever...

Website Portfolio
North Country Storage
The Whiteoak Society
Rapid Fitness 24-7
Grand Rapids Greatest
Double Dane Games
Up North Technologies
Pokegama Lake Resort
Forest Lake Motel
Hammerlund Construction
The Ground Round Grand Rapids
The IceCube Tray
Laketrails Base Camp

Graphic Design - Video Editing - Business Cards - Vector Logos

Video Editing & Composition

video editing, grand rapids mn, deer river mn

Make a Video Outta That!

$250.00 (2min or less) +$25/min
Still Photos, music, bullet points.

$350.00 (2min or less) +$50/min
Motion Footage, music, bullet points.

Whether you need video put together for marketing, business, social media, or whatever... Just provide me with details, the raw footage or photos, and let me know what kind of music you'd like.

Business Card Design

business cards, graphic design, grand rapids mn

My card, monsieur...

One Sided - $75.00
Two Sided - $130.00

Business or personal (do they still do that?), cards designed the vay you vant. Vat of course madame... Geez that's corny. Point is, I can make you an professional business card you'll feel good about handing out or sticking a pin to.

Rack Card Design

graphic designer, design, minnesota, grand rapids, deer river, rack cards

Simple, Affordable, and Effective Print Advertising

One Sided - $90.00
Two Sided - $160.00

Simple and effective stand out advertising for your business! Rack cards are great way to draw attention to your products and services.

* Typically 2 Revisions Included. (However, I'm pretty flexible as long as requests are within reason.)

Logo Design

logo design, graphic design, artwork, grand rapids mn, deer river mn

A Vector Graphic
in 1, 2, and 3 Colors

Vector Logo - $175.00

Vector logo design ensures reuse at any size and that it can be easily adapted to all (normal) media formats. It won't work for sky writing or 8-track.

* Typically 2 Revisions Included...

Postcard Design

graphic designer, grand rapids mn

Standard 4"x6"
Full Color Postcard

One Sided - $75.00
Two Sided - $130.00

An eye catching postcard is the perfect direct mail advertising solution. Statistics show mail based advertising is still one of the most effective marketing tools available to any business. But... you already know that.

Poster Design

graphic design, grand rapids mn, designer, posters

Rectangular Type Posters
With Pictures & Words on Them

One Sided (8.5"x11") - $150.00
Two Sided - (Just Kidding)
(11"x17") - $175.00
(18"x24") - $200.00

Lost Pets? Wanted Dead or Alive? Are you putting on a play and want folks to show up? Whatever your business, service or need, I can put a poster together for you that'll do the trick.

T-Shirt Design

media design, grand rapids mn, graphic design, deer river, artwork

Custom Designs Suitable
for Screen Printing

$125.00 (Per isolated graphic)

Got a cool idea for a t-shirt? Need a design for your business or sports team? Sure you do! Let's get cracking! Send me your ideas, sketches, and design ideas. I can also hook you up with a great deal when you're ready to go to print.

Flyer or Brochure Design

flyer design, brochure design, grand rapids mn

Single or Double Sided Flyers
and Brochures

Single Sided - $80.00
Double Sided - $150.00

Spread the word about your business, event, or services with an awesome one or two sided brochure design. You provide the details, I'll provide the magic.

General Graphic Design

general graphic design work, grand rapids mn

Whatever Graphic Work
You Need Done


Sometimes what you need doesn't fit into a nice little box. Or, at least one of the nice little boxes I've got here. Doesn't matter. Just email me or give me a call and I'll see what I can do.

A Little About Me

Howdy. My name is Tim Vandenberg but you can call me Tim Vandenberg for short. I've been working with computers since the Commodore 64 if you can remember that. Over the years I've worked with a large variety of development software and have always held an interest in programming, marketing, graphic design, and video. I've been making websites professionally for about 12 years where all these areas commonly overlap. These days we have incredible tools at our disposal for media production. However, learning is an endless curve, and finding someone who can put these things to work for you is where I come in.

Over the years I'm floored to read time and time again of broken promises, hype, and unfinished work from people who claimed they knew how to do this or that. If I really don't know how to do something I've always been honest in saying so. However, admitting to not knowing how to do something is really the first step in figuring out how to do it, and I'm the guy that will figure it out.

Video Editing and Production

Small business video for Rapid Fitness 24-7 in Grand Rapids. Visit for more info. National Night Out 2014 in Grand Rapids. Produced for NexShift Media Aerial Video The Grand Journey. I'm especially proud of this one. Produced for author Dan Thomas who supplied the narrative. Check out his work at Another video produced with NexShift Media who supplied the awesome aerial footage. Forged in Time Bladesmithing. Watch Ben Rial of Forged in Time pound out a knife tang. Original music by Jeff Vandenberg. Very cool, or er... hot. Some footage of the BNSF moving through Grand Rapids MN. Once again, great footage by Luke Garner and NexShift Media NexShift media is a video production company based in Grand Rapids MN specializing in creating promotional media for small business video advertising and marketing.

Lights... Camera...

Action! Here's some videos I've edited and produced for various clients. The awesome aerial footage used in many of the Grand Rapids videos was taken by NexShift Media and Luke Garner. If you're in need of some bird's eye video of your event you'll want to contact him here.

While I'm proud of the showcased videos, what I'm most excited about is working on your next video project! So, if you are in need of video editing and production, pound out a message to me on the contact form or email me and let me know what you need doing.


Thank you for contacting FIT Web Design! I'm always very busy but know I'll do my utmost to get back to you as soon as possible.
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Contact FIT Web Design

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I'm always happy to help answer questions or provide free estimates on projects. I can be contracted on a per job basis, as a consultant, or contract work.

If you'd rather just email me that's fine too. I look forward to hearing from you.

You can also contact me by phone: 218.328.5728 but be sure to leave a message if I'm not available to speak with you.